Teacher Appreciation Week: NSF Honor Thy Teacher

Looking for another way to celebrate your teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week? Consider donating in their name to Newton Schools Foundation’s Honor Thy Teacher program.

2020 Newton Schools Foundation Honor Thy Teacher

Over these past weeks, many parents have developed a deep appreciation for the job that our teachers do each day. If you are looking for a way to express that appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week or after, here is a way to say thank you.

By donating to Newton Schools Foundation’s Honor Thy Teacher program in the name of one or more of your children’s teachers, you can show your appreciation for them AND support your children’s schools. NSF will notify each teacher honored of your gift and share their names with Principals and the Superintendent. A list of honored teachers will appear on the NSF website and in the Newton TAB.

Your tax-deductible donation will go towards funding NSF grants for promising educational initiatives, professional development, and programs that close gaps in opportunity and achievement.  In furtherance of those goals, in recent weeks NSF directed its resources toward the challenges of COVID-19 with a $85,500 grant for the Newton Public Schools to purchase 300 Chromebooks for students needing access to online learning during school closures. 

It’s easy to donate online (http://www.newtonschoolsfoundation.org/honor-thy-teacher), or  you can mail your donation  to Newton Schools Foundation, P.O. Box 590020, Newton Centre, MA 02459. Please be sure to include the names of the teachers and/or staff that you are honoring. 

To find out more about the programs NSF funds, visit our website at (http://www.newtonschoolsfoundation.org/programs-we-fund).

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