Happening THIS WEEKEND: Zervas Halloween Haunted Woods on Saturday, October 24

Check out the sign up today and reserve your spot now!  Saturday, October 24th 1-4pm (Rain Date Sunday, October 25th)

Notes from The Halloween Team:

  1. Everyone that wants to attend MUST sign up. Sign up today. Don’t forget to wear masks and keep social distancing rules. 
  2. If you have signed up but your plans have changed , please take your name off sign up sheet to free up room for other families. 
  3. Keep your eyes open for an email with more details on Friday. 
  4. Each child should bring FROM HOME: 1 rubber band, 1 small ball (tennis ball size), and 1 pencil/pen. If you don’t have a ball handy you can easily make one with scrunched up tin foil. 
  5. Due to Covid restrictions we will not be able to hand out and candy or  food or drink items. 
  6. Please bring a pantry item to donate. 
  7. Please consider volunteering. We especially need help with clean up.

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