Due *this* Friday, Dec. 11: Winter Snowflakes For Our Teachers

Zervas is launching a winter snowflake campaign! Just like every snowflake is special, tell your teacher or a favorite staff member what s/he does to make school special for you!  

Below is a template to print out and decorate. You can also write how your teacher is special to you on your snowflake (don’t forget your teacher’s name!).  Use crayons, markers, glitter, or any supplies you want! 

Decorate a snowflake
Make your own snowflake templates
No printer, no problem! Make your own snowflakes with only paper and scissors.

  • Decorating Zervas: We will be decorating the windows and entrances of the school with snowflakes.  Drop off any completed snowflakes in the box by the front door by December 11.  
  • Decorating at home: Decorate your home learning spaces with snowflakes for teachers and all specialist teachers to see on Zoom.  Decorate your home learning spaces for the week of December 14-18.  
  • If you make a special snowflake for a special teacher or staff, email them a picture so they can see what you have created!