Zervas Community Book Project: Raising Anti-Racist Kids – How to Use Books as Conversation Starters

Please join us on Thursday, March 18 at 7pm for a virtual interactive workshop as part of our Zervas Community Book Project.

RSVP using this form (bit.ly/zervasbookproject). Zoom links will be emailed prior to the workshop.  Please note that this workshop is for adults only.

Research shows that racial bias begins to develop in children as young as three years old. Fortunately, parents and caregivers can disrupt the development of racial bias by talking intentionally with their children about race, racism, and difference.

Zervas FORJ and the Zervas PTO are pleased to host an interactive workshop with Ellie Axe, Director of Story Starters, who will provide participants with an overview of the research on race and children, and will teach parents and caregivers practical ways to start having conversations about race and racism with their children. Participants will walk away with concrete actions they can take in their own home to start to prepare children to navigate our diverse world.

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