Email the PTO at

Notices and local community advertisements for the weekly Zmail must be sent to

Guidelines for Zervas and Community Emails:

  • Zervas Zmail Notes: Announcements relating to an event or activity at Zervas or organized or sponsored by the Zevas PTO will be included in the Zervas Z Notes, which are published every Tuesday morning.  Announcements must be received by Sunday evening for distribution.

Please NOTE a few Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Announcements will be posted on the website which are then circulated as an rss feed to a mailing list.
  • Emails must have the following:
    • A clearly indicated title for the post.
    • A clearly indicated text paragraph.
  • If you have sent your notice to the Newton PTO council, that will be automatically syndicated to the Zervas list. In that case, you do not need to forward separately to the Zervas PTO.
  • Please DO send plain text emails. Image attachments on top of text emails are acceptable. If you are forwarding content, please copy paste into a Word document or a text file – extracting content from (for e.g.,) gmail is surprisingly labour-intensive
  • Please DO NOT send image attachments that contain all the information to be circulated (including text).
  • Please make sure that announcements do not have logins/passwords etc that must be shared only on direct making lists.
  • Please make sure that any images provided do not have copyright restrictions.

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