Art class meets once a week. Students will explore line, shape, color and texture through paint, paper, ceramics, and other media. The children are encouraged to express themselves, discover the joy of creativity, and extend the boundaries of their familiarity with the arts. Stories and music are used to stimulate creativity and involve children in the expression of their art.


Each week children in grades K through Four go with their class to the library for a thirty-minute period. Fifth graders have library every other week for forty-five minutes. During this time the librarian might read a story and introduce some information about books or about library life, such as the parts of a published book, care of books, location of certain topics in the school library, etc. The children check books out, with the help of parent volunteers, during the last ten minutes of this period. Students are expected to be responsible for their own book and return it to school by the next library period.


The music teacher sees classes for a thirty-minute block each week. This session incorporates vocal and instrumental music, as well as storytelling to help children enjoy and appreciate our musical world. In addition, grade Three learns recorder, grade Four has instrumental instruction, and grade Five has chorus and band.

Physical Education

All classes meet with the physical education teacher twice each week for thirty-minute classes. Physical Education is an important developmental area of a child’s total education. Classes are designed to teach fundamental motor skills, sequential gross motor activities, physical fitness and social skills.

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